Stone Village Market & Local Attractions

Area Attractions- Situated among the Davis Mountains in West Texas, Fort Davis has forever been a stopping place for travelers. Clean water made camping convenient. Abundant wild game provided excellent hunting and the flora and fauna made the high Chihuahuan Desert an oasis.

Fort Davis, with the most species of hummingbirds, (16)is the "Hummingbird Capital of Texas making Stone Village Tourist Camp "the" motel to base your birding trip. Hunting is also available throught the West Texas region. Audad sheep, mountain lion, elk, mule and whitetail deer call the Davis Mountains home.

Scientific study and exploration are other hallmarks. Learn about the stars and constellations at The University of Texas McDonald Observatory; view the geological beginnings of the area and tour the botanical gardens comprised of local flora at the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center. Harvard University Radio Astronomy VLBA conducts deep space study and the Davis Mountain State Park and interpretive center offer information on the area's diverse ecological system.

There are two excellent ways to view the beautiful mountains of West Texas. The Scenic Loop, a seventy-five mile road through and around some of Texas's highest peaks, can be travelled by either motor vehicle or bicycle, as we offer the highest elevation changes in Adventure Cycling's Southern Tier route. Or, take a trip back in time and see the Fort Davis area via horseback, just like the cowboys did and ranchers do today.

History abounds with several Historic sites and museums available. The Fort Davis National Historic Site, an award winning preservation effort, provides a glimpse into cavalry-post life for the Buffalo Soldier and Museum of the Big Bend reveals the history dating back local inhabitants back to Pre-Columbian era for man and several dinosaur exhibits discovered in the Big Bend area!

Stone Village Market

Stone Village Market, located on the property of the motor court(right next to the swimming pool), makes our lodging and accommodations some of the best in West Texas. The whole food market and deli is the area's premier one-stop natural foods market features everything from fresh flowers, fresh sea food by request, domestic and imported beers and wines, gourmet ingredients and foods. The delicatessen is a full line deli featuring premium meats, a wide variety of domestic and imported cheeses, salads, (the chicken salad is our signature dish!) We also provide a delicious bakery that features  pastries, muffins, breads. Special orders from the deli or bakery can be filled with advance notice.

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                     Stone Village natural Food Market

Area Attractions

  • Fort Davis National Historic Site
    Cited for its excellent preservation, Fort Davis NHS presents a unique historic prospective into the establishment of Texas and all of the Southwest's most unusual and unique areas, The Davis Mountains.
  • Overland Trail Museum 
    This museum details the life of Nick Mersfelder, founding settler, politico and entrepeneur.
  • University of  Texas McDonald Observatory
    Cutting edge research under the "Darkest Skies in North America" Star Parties for the public on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights
  • Museum of the Big Bend
    Sul Ross State University is home to one of the best know map collections, a flying teradochtyle and other great art and historical exhibits, including: "Trappings of Texas".
  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center
    Located three miles south of FD on 118, enjoy beautiful botanical gardens, living geology displays from atop Clayton's Lookout. Excellent educational experience for the whole family!

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